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Closed net area means the total area of all closed rooms in the building, i.e. the area of the kitchen, rooms, hallway, laundry room and other rooms in square metres.

Stone construction means that the ceilings and supporting walls of the building are made of stone.
Mixed and timber construction means that the walls of the building are made of stone or timber, and the ceilings are made of timber.

View building data in the State Register of Construction Works
Renovation means renewal of the pipes, heating and power supply systems of the building, replacement of the roof of the building and redecoration of the interior of the building. If these works have been performed in different years, enter the year that is the furthest in the past.

Building insurance extends automatically to outbuildings the size of which is up to 20 m2. Shed, garage, grill house, etc. are outbuildings. Read more...
If you would like to insure a larger outbuilding, enter its size. If you would like to insure a sauna that is separate from the building, you must always indicate this in the contract. Facilities on the site are automatically insured for 5,000 euros. Facilities are on the same site as the buildings located above ground and are permanently connected to the land. For example, covered roads on the registered immovable, garden, gates, shelters, outdoor lighting fixtures, flagpole, playgrounds.




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